Welcome to L'école

L'école is a licensed Family Care dedicated to teaching French language.


It accepts 2-5 years old children, Monday through Thursday from 8:30am to 12:30pm. 

A French Immersion Program


French! L’école is an immersion school.  The moment children step into the school, they are immersed in French language and culture.


There is now extensive research proving that bilingualism fosters better cognitive flexibility, social understanding and creativity for young children's development.


Because of the way the brain develops in a child's early years, children are able to learn foreign languages much more easily at a younger age. At L'école teachers utilize a combination of visual indicators and repetition for the students to quickly understand and speak French.

A Balanced Teaching Philosophy

Our curriculum is a blend of traditional French Education based on teacher-directed lessons and Montessori philosophy of child-initiated activities.

The first years in school are vitally important for establishing independent work habits and developing language and social skills.


Our program is designed to provide a firm grounding in these areas while encouraging cognitive, emotional and physical growth.


A Well-Designed Space

L’école is located in a recently renovated house in a quiet area of Baldwin Hills.


It’s comprised of a large bright detached classroom used for the principal indoor activities. An additional smaller room with an adjacent bathroom is located in the main house.

The generous fenced backyard with fruit trees has been remodeled to accommodate a large variety of outdoor activities.

Indoor or outdoor, L’école space was designed with children's developmental needs and well-being in mind.